Making a difference in our community, one computer at a time

Our table at the Business Tech Conference

This past Wednesday (July 17, 2019), we had the opportunity to represent ourselves at the Business Tech Conference, hosted by the Los Angeles City Club. The event drew nearly 200 LA business and tech professionals to the club’s beautiful 51st story event center. We were able to showcase two important aspects of what we do.

First, we specialize in offering Information Technology Services to local businesses with a ample dose of friendly customer service and individualized attention. This is something our larger competitors simply cannot do.

More importantly, we were able to spread the word about Helping Hands Computers, a non-profit we are heavily involved in. If you have never heard of Helping Hands, it is a Christian ministry located in the Pasadena area dedicated to supplying free refurbished computers and laptops to children and families in need. We strongly believe that computers empower people to stay current and productive. Our company’s role is to collect the following donations from generous individuals and organizations.

  • Desktops

  • Monitors

  • Mice and Keyboards

  • Laptops

  • Printers

The condition of these items does not matter. We either repair the hardware or responsibly E-Waste what is left over. Any and all hard drives we receive will be securely wiped of all data to Department of Defense standards: we want to protect our donor’s privacy and security. We re-purpose the finished computers by installing GNU/Linux operating systems and other free software that is optimized for day to day computing. We would love it if you would visit the Helping Hands website and consider donating some of your old tech!